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Share your memories


We hope that The Lansdowne was a special place for you.  If you have a story that you would like to share, we’re eager to hear it and with your permission post it in this section.  Just email your story to

Lisa Briddes Mobley

I lived in Lansdowne from the ages of 5-13, first next to the parking lot across the street from the theater then over on E. Stratford Ave a few blocks away. Before cable & VCRs going to the movies was a really big deal & what a place to go.

Some of my fondest childhood memories were of the theater in the daytime. From the ages of 9-12 I got to clean the theater almost every Sat & Sun. I say "got to" because it was a really fun "job". There was this little old man who came over to Stratford (we had about 40 kids on the one block) asking for help to clean the aisles. So every weekend he would come around and pick 5 or 6 of us to go over and help him, I think we each got $.50 (HUGE in the 70s). We sectioned it out and went up & down the aisles picking up candy wrappers, drink cups, popcorn buckets, etc, and brushing off the seats. The best part was that he would then get out this big blower to blow stuff down to the bottom & we would go exploring while he did this. We played on the stage like actors on Broadway, did cartwheels thru the lobby & actually got into the projection room once (SO COOL!!). Don't worry, we were very careful not to touch anything because we knew we would not be asked to come back! It was an amazing experience that I will never forget!

Thank You Lansdowne Theater for all the good times!

Regina (Luisi) Hunter


One of my best memories of the Lansdowne Movie Theater: going to the Saturday matinees with my next door neighbor, Ann. For some reason, I remember that we used to come home with a little plastic baggie filled with guppies that were given out to us. Somehow, the little fish never survived for very long! Ann and I are still friends after over 60 years of friendship. We often reminisce about walking from Bryn Mawr Avenue to the movie theater and what fun it was!